30 Days Until Medal of Honor Warfighter

IGN - Listen, we all know we’re going to grab Medal of Honor Warfighter for the Battlefield 4 beta access when it launches on October 23, so we might as well learn all we can about it. Besides, Warfighter looks awesome so far.

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bumnut2215d ago

Anyone else prefer the old medal of honour games?

BattleAxe2215d ago

Yeah, Medal of Honor: Airborne was the last one I really liked, but I'm interested to see how Warfighter turns out. Hopefully it does not resemble the last PoS game that they came out with.

GhostHero3332214d ago

Yeah the first one was amazing but then again it was from the creators of modern warfare one and two so of course it was amazing.

I really want to get this game on day one but i know better.