Halo 4 - "Faithless" track sample from the OST

A sample of the track "Faithless", from the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack. Composed by Neil Davidge, it's an action-oriented track that fits the mysterious atmosphere of Requiem.
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Hivemind2269d ago

There are a few more than just one new track sample if you keep clicking next, except for the 4 that were released a few weeks back (unless the others are all old and I just missed them).

spicelicka2268d ago

these tracks actually sound amazing once you get comfortable with themm

bubblebeam2268d ago

Halo 3 ODST had best sound in gaming EVER.

While I think Halo 4's music will be great, I don't think I will enjoy it until I play the game and can relate the music to the situation.

Either way, the music will be epic, but I'd have to put my money on Marty as the best.