5 Potential Assassin's Creed Sequel Locations

gamrReview: "What next for a series known for its fantastic environments? Taking into account that all of these time periods have been especially turbulent, the next hypothetical location probably needs to share that same theme. After all, peace time is boring if you can respawn. So where to next, potentially, for the Assassin's Creed franchise?"

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rpd1232215d ago

WW2 and Feudal Japan have already been shot down several times by the creative director. He says they are two of the worst possible settings he could think of. They've also already said several times that Desmond's story would be concluded, so he most likely won't be the protagonist from now on.

Russian Civil war I could see, especially since the comic series revolves around that. Napoleanic France is too similar to the Revolutionary war so I doubt they'd go that route. Persia would be cool, and there is a statue of Darius in the Monteriggioni villa.

MasterD9192215d ago

Which is a shame because WW2 and Feudal Japan would be the coolest periods next to the revolution in AC3...

rpd1232215d ago

I agree. WWII would be kind of hard to work with and the gameplay would be different, but it'd be cool nonetheless. And I could see feudal Japan working really well. A Chinese setting would be good too. It'd be sweet to run around on the Great Wall of China and there is plenty of conflict to work with.