Are Modern Video Games Too Easy?

Last year I finally got round to playing Uncharted 2. Better late than never, and I had a thoroughly good time playing it. However, upon finishing the 9-10 hour campaign on the normal difficulty setting, I realised that I could count on one hand how many times I had been properly challenged during the game. This got me thinking about games in general these days. Have the concepts of challenge and thought provoking gameplay been replaced by, what I hesitate to call, interactive movies?

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isntchrisl2215d ago

The more cinematic games are the most guilty of this, I think. Developers have a difficult time balancing freedom and challenge while creating scripted set pieces.

Tyrone_Biggums2215d ago

Not if you make yourself a little loopy.

ShaunCameron2215d ago

Well thanks to advancements in technology which allows for a more robust 3D environments, games can no longer get away with questionable design choices that would invite cheap deaths being hard just for difficulty's sake. And also players now can play their own pace.