Unity: Licensing Deal Means A New Era For Indies On Nintendo Systems

Nintendo recently signed a worldwide license agreement with Unity Technologies to bring its multi-platform engine and development tools to the Wii U. To get a better idea of what benefits this deal will bring, Nintendo Life spoke exclusively to Unity's Tracy Erickson, who is in charge of Developer Relations at the company.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

This is good seeing that epic games has been not to fond of wiiU. But we all know as in the past unreal will be killer. unreal 4 dx11 games will be amazing. Epic has more man power and $$ to do it.

PopRocks3592216d ago

That first statement is historically untrue. There are several quotes from Epic Games people saying how good the Wii U is. They just can't focus on the platform at present.

omarzy2216d ago

Epic said that they will not support the Wii U directly with unreal 4, but whoever wants to use unreal 4 on wii u is free to do so. Does lack of direct support just means no epic will not make games for the Wii U? Can Nintendo themselves use the engine if they want to? I don't know what direct support entails here.

Ck1x2216d ago

This is great news for the amount of indie and digital content that the WiiU should end up receiving because of announcement such as this!

joeorc2216d ago

UNITY 3 is one hell of a engine, and there is already large number's of developer's signed up in many parts of the Gaming industry from mobile to PC to other embedded Gaming systems. Good going Nintendo, this was a very good thing.

Now 3rd party developer support for Nintendo WiiU is going to have good support. How big is Unity 3 game engine?

Its freaking Huge

Over 950K registered developers including Bigpoint, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Disney, Electronic Arts, LEGO, Microsoft, NASA, Nickelodeon, Ubisoft, US Army, Warner Bros., large and small studios, independent professionals, students and hobbyists. There are over 275K monthly active developers. To see where they're taking Unity

to see already what games use this engine..look here