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Lyndsay Moir: "The iPhone has already advanced the mobile phone into a new era of well designed, effortlessly multi tasking, multi purpose devices. It can remind you to buy milk and butter when you leave work that evening, and it can allow you to sync all your photos, emails and music into many different places all at once. Yet with the release of the iPhone 5, has Apple shaken up the handheld gaming market with it’s most brilliant and advanced iPhone yet?"

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abzdine2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

i want Gran Turismo, God of War, Halo and Zelda on iPhone. What ? it's not possible ? I'll stick with my consoles then.

abzdine2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I will not buy an iphone 600-700$ to have an Angry Birds type of experience or any other game playable without physical buttons.

I prefer to have a Vita PSP 3DS for less than ½price and have much more solid gaming experiences. I have been playing games since early 80's i'm really not into mobile gaming.

I have a Sony Xperia P, it's a beautiful device that can run games but i just dont like games i can have on it. i use it to connect with friends family wife,GPS and read news and this here consoles cannot do.

NewMonday2216d ago

as a veteran gamer I don't remember as much people plying consoles as this generation

their used to be room for only one successful console and others picking up scraps. but today we have 3 consoles with a dedicated fan-base and also a very solid handheld market (specially in Japan).

the industry only started having trouble after everyone tried to copy another's success. (SE and Wada's obsession with COD, Capcom trying to be "western", EA trying to make a Warcraft killer..) or businessmen trying to make games based on market statistics with their casual games and smartphone crusade.

just let developers improve upon what they do best like Bethesda and Skyrim

pandehz2216d ago

Money does come from trees.

SheenuTheLegend2216d ago

no wonder still snakes on nokia 1100 is the best mobile game ever lolz
n consoles doesnt show up every 6 months
phones get outdated too early

Scenarist2216d ago

i buy a phone to make phone calls....

if it has games ,, they are just bonus,,

that said.. dont sell me a phone based on its games

can u hear me now ?

The_KELRaTH2216d ago

They're just pushing games as they don't know how else to sell you the idea you need more CPU / GPU power.