GTA V: 10 Reasons It’s Guaranteed to Cause Controversy

WC - Rockstar can’t seem to move without making waves. With virtually every online eye focused intently on GTA V and its road to release, it looks like this time they’re working on a tsunami. I’m not sure I remember a game that’s been so hotly anticipated, so consistently googled and speculated on, if there ever was one. Suffice it to say, we’re standing on the precipice of yet another huge R* release. And of course, along with that comes yet another controversy sh*tstorm.

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claud32214d ago

Of course it will... this will not be shocking and its expected from the series.

black9112214d ago

GTAV will Suck. My #1 reason for saying this is that its set in Modern day time like GTA4.

Outside_ofthe_Box2214d ago

But GTAIV didn't suck though.

WeskerChildReborned2214d ago

So you're saying cause it's modern day, it sucks? It looks pretty impresive to me.

Adityac2214d ago

No, you and your mum will suck, cocks...

CcreapMurda3102213d ago

Your life is set in modern day... Does it suck?


Say what you want, i loved all the gta games and ill test this out too before i say something. Like all gamers should

blitz06232213d ago

GTA IV didn't suck, but it was hugely overrated. Everyone can expect GTA V to average 95%+ but this time I hope it actually deserves it.

GuyThatPlaysGames2213d ago

When do you want it set then? In the 1920's? Ok let's drive cars that don't go any faster than 5 mph -_-

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DoomeDx2214d ago

What the hell seriously they have like twenty 'Top 10' articles about GTA V..

Its like they dont do anything else. Look at more n4g artitcles from this source..all "Top 10 bla bla bla"

HammadTheBeast2213d ago

They know the secrets to N4G hits... controversial articles about popular games.

Pushagree2214d ago

GTA IV didn't really cause that much controversy though. There was a little tiff with M.A.D.D., but video games really don't shake the media in the way that they used to. Even with GOW3's lesbian scene, it was largely ignored by the media when I was sure that it would erupt. I think it's because the media moved onto toher other things to demonize and video games as video games are now more accepted in culture than they once were.

claud32214d ago

If it does then so be it. But lets see how it plays out

HammadTheBeast2213d ago

GTA is the reason I will do a shootout in my neighbourhood. Oh wait...

Xalaris2213d ago

Good use of sarcasm, because GTA has never taught any morals to kids due to irresponsible parents or familiars, right?

blue_cheese2214d ago

how are you going to have a "NEXT" tab on just an article? pass...

ame222214d ago

Mmm, because it's GTA..?

Beastforlifenoob2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

For those of you not wanting to click "next" 11 times:
10. Contraversy sells
9. R* are ballsy
8.The things weve done...(with picture of you aiming at a cop)
7.Pressure groups
6.A new player has entered the game (GTA was released in 2008 so therfore there are 5 year more genearations)
5. New Gameplay Elements
4. The Age Rating
3. The Same Old Story
2. It’s Such A Huge Brand
1. Fundamental Violence

HammadTheBeast2213d ago

Thanks, and helpful bubs for you.

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The story is too old to be commented.