PWNCAST | Season 2: Episode 1 – Borderlight & Torchlands

The PWNCAST returns! All hail to the PWNCAST! As you may or may not have released yesterday this season is going to be a little bit different. We'll still be running a regular podcast every Sunday where we discuss what we've been playing, wider gaming topics, loves, hates, pet peeves and joyous delights, but our critical shredding of the weekly news will now take place on Saturdays in the freshly relaunched Game Buzz.

Silly season is upon us, where blockbuster games start flying onto shelves left, right, and centre. This week we've been playing a lot of gorgeous-looking, multiplayer-friendly, loot-hoarding timesinks. Everyone was a little worried just a few months ago at how many titles had been pushed back into 2013. But fret not, dear listeners, we're in for a cracking Autumn.

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