2K Borderlands 2 Bungie Jump Event Coverage 2K today held a free bungie jump event in central London to promote their new game Borderlands 2. Those that braved the cold, rain and had the balls to jump from a crane (122ft high) where award with a free copy of the game.

The first 3 gamers in line where Dave, Ben and Mark all from London and all started queuing the day before at around 2pm. 22 hours later their time to jump arrived, Only one of three early queuers had the balls to jump.

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Scenarist2268d ago

hahaha .. i could picture me at the edge.. .and all of sudden dont know how good of an idea it seems

MrDead2268d ago

If this news was on N4G yesterday I would of gone to get my free copy.

Haven't done a bungee jump since Reading Festival 2003 it scared the sh1t out of me, still I would of done it for a free game.

GTRrocker6662268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I never understood the appeal of bungie jumping. Skydiving i get but there is something about bungie jumping that scares the fuck out of me. Maybe the possibility of smashing my head on a rock ...or just being upside down.

Reverent2268d ago

Haha no kidding. For me, it's the idea of being suspended and swung around in the air after the fall, not the fall itself. But regardless, I'm much happier to spend my money on the game in support rather than get a free copy, that's just me though lol.