Halo 4 Limited Edition Starting to Sell Out?

The Little English Halo Blog writes: Halo 4 Franchise Director Frank O'Connor has suggested that the Halo 4 Limited Edition has started to sell out. GameStop in the US have ran out completely and Amazon have removed it from the site, several bricks & mortar UK retailers have stopped taking orders too. If you haven't placed your pre-order yet, now may be the time to do it.

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Muffins12232219d ago

Im glad i did mine a few weeks ago :D

bubblebeam2219d ago

They usually get more shipments in.

I do so hope it is in fact limited. So many times I have forked out the $130 [I live in AUS:( ] for the limited edition of games, only to find it half price in large quantities in a bargain bin somewhere. Or on ebay 6 months later half price.

It would be nice if they had an amount of limited editions they were going to make set in stone, and give everyone notice, so that it is first in best dressed. Only fair for everyone that way.

m232219d ago

Yeah EB Games up here in Canada has stopped taking pre-orders.

Allsystemgamer2219d ago

Yea lol I just won't to make sure I did infact preorder the limited. Damn I'm happy I did lol

marcmjm2219d ago

I preordered mine back in August so I'm set.

aviator1892219d ago

I'm kind of bummed. I wanted to get it from Amazon this week, but they're out too.. :/

Best buy it is for me.

tokugawa2219d ago

i did mine when they started taking pre-orders. so i'm good

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