The Unfinshed Swan Is Incredible - TGS Hands-On Preview (Game Revolution)

"That young sport in the above picture is me, some 12 years ago. As you can see, I know my stuff when it comes to spatter painting. In fact, it's the only kind of painting I can do with any level of competence. The Unfinished Swan speaks to my heart." -GR Preview

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insertcoin2215d ago

I wonder if they will produce a White Swan, where the entire screen is black and you throw white paint.

knifefight2215d ago

Did Natalie Portman do voice work for this game or am I thinking of something else?

dbjj120882215d ago

No, you're right. She does the voice for the paint.

Acquiescence2215d ago

Only an actress of her exemplary calibre could capture the essence of what it means to be a ball of paint.

peowpeow2214d ago

I haven't laughed so hard in a long while

KwietStorm2215d ago

Serious question, were you genuinely trying to be funny?

Grenade2215d ago

When it's released, will it be called The Finished Swan?

r212215d ago

That or the finished Unfinished Swan which is silly. Btw, your comment would fit better if your avatar was a philosoraptor XD

GribbleGrunger2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Let's hope it doesn't get any DLC and end up with a special addition at the end of the year!

'The Finished Unfinished Swan: The Complete Addition' would make minds explode.

OhMyGandhi2215d ago

you are all so clever...