Bringing Morrowind Back | Attention Elder Scrolls fans! One of the creators of Morroblivion has announced his latest project: Skywind. Morroblivion was the famous mod that brought Morrowind’s world, full of it’s quests and creatures into the updated Oblivion engine. Skywind is taking the idea to the next level, and porting Morrowind into the best selling Skyrim engine. Soon you’ll be able to replay Morrowind with the stellar graphics and mechanics Bethesda made for Skyrim.

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ceballos77mx2217d ago

Can they get this Guy to work on the ps3 version of the game

claud32217d ago

Liked morrowwind. Been able to play it in up to dates graphics, is great news

sonicsidewinder2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Skyrim engine couldn't handle the amount of Factions in Morrowind. Modern game engines have built in AI that say:

"Woah dude, hold on there! This is too complex for the baby-mode gamers these out there these days!"

Bladesfist2217d ago

you sir have no idea how a game engine works. AI is very game specific and normally not tied to the engine (Unless an extremely basic base is there)

CaptCalvin2217d ago

I'd quite lika an Oblivirym. Or a Skyoblivion.