Top 10 Games to Hook your Non-Gamer Friends | The Game Scouts

Jeff Ellis: "We all have someone who we wish played games with us. Maybe they’re skeptical, or afraid, or just ambivalent, but for whatever reason it’s difficult to get them interested in our favorite hobby. Here are ten games that are not only great in their own right, but that I have seen my non-gaming friends lose hours of their lives to."

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ninjabake4026d ago

Only about half of the games on the list are viable go-to games to recommend to non-gaming friends. I'm pretty shocked CoD wasn't on there.

MxRBrobaFett4026d ago

Call of duty is already on the top ten lists on how to get your fist pumping douchebag frat bros to play video games

Amplitude4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Dead Space, Skyrim, Arkham City and Minecraft? lol how do you figure? xD

Could you imagine lmao. "Hey! :) I've never played a game before and i wanna! Any recommendations?"


TheGameScouts4026d ago

Well, think about it. Dead Space, Skyrim and Arkham city are not only eye candy....they have spectacular gameplay that's pretty easy to pick up, but has a ton of depth to it. These are kind of like "show off " games! So it has to be a mix between great gameplay and pleasing graphics. :) :) :)

3-4-54025d ago

From what I've seen Non-gaming friends / people like:

Mario Kart

Smash Brothers


Wii Sports

Halo / Cod ( depends on person )

Not sure why they have minecraft on their...I've always pictured that as a gamer's game. Non-gamers would get bored very quickly.


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Stop supporting this and make a bf4 remake.


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Abnor_Mal3h ago


The3faces3h ago

Alan Wake 2 and Forza Motorsport.

Bobertt2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

I was interested in Assassin's Creed Mirage since they went back to the gameplay of the original games but then i saw an early review from someone who got invited to play it early and the AI seems to be ass. He was standing like 15ft away from 3 guards and throwing knifed 2 of them and the third one was alerted but looking around like he didn't know where he was even though he just saw him kill his friends. There was also a base he went into and alerted the entire base so he tried to escape and had to run past a bunch of enemies and they just went into defensive stances while near him instead of trying to attack when he ran near them. The reviewer said it might have been a bug but he isn't sure.