4th Quarter Games On My Buy List

Arcee "As a gamer I have a love/hate relationship with the Q4 part of the year, every year. During this time it seems like the best of the best games are released. I get why; the proximity of the holiday season definitely propels gaming sales. And I absolutely love that almost every week from here to the end of the year has some hot or highly anticipated title seeing release. But that is also what I hate about this time of year as well. There are so many good games being released that it is nearly impossible to buy them all. And even if you could, what kind of quality time would you really have to devote to each game? You would literally play each one for a couple of days before the next one comes out and then the same thing over and over."

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Xandet2219d ago

- Halo 4 (console)

- Dishonored
- RE6
- BOPS 2
- Hitman
- Far Cry 3

Yikes, I need to watch my spending before the flood of awesome games early next year.

rpd1232219d ago

Halo 4
Black Ops 2
Assassin's Creed 3
Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation
Ragnarok Odyssey

aviator1892219d ago

I'm on a limited budget this fall, so it'll likely be just Halo 4 and AC 3 for me.

Chuk52219d ago

Dishonored and Halo 4.