T3 - Little Big Planet PS Vita Review

T3 - Little Big Planet was a huge success story for British developer Media Molecule back in 2008, wowing PlayStation 3 owners with its zeitgeist-capturing brew of vintage Super Mario-style platforming and YouTube-esque social media sharing dressed up as a high-end Pixar production.

Now the Sony PS Vita portable needs some magic in its battle with the Nintendo 3DS and the smartphone gaming horde, guess who Sony has called on?

The PlayStation Vita is a fantastic device, full of game-changing inputs, high-def graphics and joyous games; 11 rated 80+ on Metacritic and counting, if you won't take our word for it.

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GribbleGrunger2221d ago

What I can't understand is how they got the direct feed footage for this. You can't. This is why in every single youtube video you can see the persons hand while playing the game. I've got a feeling this is on in LBP2 and made to look like it's on the Vita.

fredrikpedersen2221d ago

This is on Vita. You can easily see that by the fact the they are using the back touchscreen.

However, I was also wondering about the video - because I'd liek to record good footage from LBPV myself. I came to the conclusion that they must have some sort of dev unit; much like the on we saw at E3, modified with video cables. It's not unlikely, as T3 is a pretty big site and magazine in Britain.

But anyways, those are just my thoughts.

Good review! I'm looking forward to getting the game tomorrow

GribbleGrunger2221d ago

Oh brother are you going to be shocked when you boot this baby up.

PirateThom2221d ago

Spot on, reviewers have speciail units with video out so they can specifically record directly from the units. It's why all the big sites can do direct capture.

spok222221d ago

Man... Borderlands last week and now LBP this week!

TheLastGuardian2221d ago

Who needs Borderlands when you've got the greatest handheld game of all time?

Reverent2220d ago

The only kind of person who would say something like that^ is someone who's never played Borderlands.

r212220d ago

Exactly man, BL2 on my console and LBPV on my handheld. Im going to have tough time focusing on studying :I

g-nome2220d ago

Loving it so far , controls are awesome.

videoxgamexfanboy2220d ago

I'm not trying to bash or troll but how can they give it a 5/5 when the online is so laggy its almost unplayable? Before anyone says its my connection trust me its not. I have played about a dozen online games of lbpv and every match was to laggy. Good game but until the laggy issues I'm having are worked out its not a 5/5

Chapulin2220d ago

I played mine with up to 3 people with no problems. Little lag here and there but nothing to make it almost unplayable.

videoxgamexfanboy2220d ago

Ur lucky then cause I can't even jump over traps on time because of it. Hopefully there's another update coming to fix it.

Kiddcarter2220d ago

Just got mine, loving it, best game on vita and maybe game of the year

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