TGS: Picotto Knights is a free-to-play Castle Crashers | Destructoid

Destructoid: "Castle Crashers became an international hit in a way no one expected an American indie game could achieve, so it's only natural for a Japanese game seemingly influenced by it to appear on the marketplace. Picotto Knights is that game, but it's also a lot more and a lot less."

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Snookies122269d ago

Oh sweet, I really enjoyed Castle Crashers back on Xbox. Hopefully this lives up to it in some way. Plus being free, there's no way I can complain. I really appreciate the work these devs are doing for Vita gamers. It's really nice of them to be doing this free of charge. :D

Blastoise2268d ago

Looks pretty awesome actually, I always wanted to play Castle Crashers but the asking price seemed kinda steep

maniac762268d ago

Wtf,no west release,this would be perfect for gamers who just wonna loot,i bet eventually it will get a release

3-4-52268d ago

The first music track was awesome....then they played some generic horrible rock track.