Does The 3DS And Vita Provide A More Complete Experience Than iOS Devices? [Game Rumble]

Game Rumble: A few months back we covered almost anything about video games. Since we could not afford of all the current game consoles and most of us have day jobs and our only time to play is during a ride on the train, we decided to narrow down our coverage to handheld games.

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Snookies122216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Oh yes, simply for the fact that they have actual physical controls. That is something that cannot be done without until we reach full on virtual reality.

Also, let's not forget that most games on mobile phones are not meant to be "complete" gaming experiences, but rather quick satisfaction on the go like mini-games. While 3DS and Vita provide gaming experiences that are 20-30+ hours of gaming and share well known series brands such as Mario or Nathan Drake.

Ever since I got the original Gameboy back in the day, I dreamed of the day when I'd finally get a console experience in the palm of my hands. I simply can't get that with iPhone or Android games, despite how hard the try to imitate it (not saying that as a bad thing, but as a good point.) Without real gaming controls and 1st party games it's a bit pointless to me as more of a hardcore gamer. Though to those who have fun with mobile games more power to you, not trying to discriminate here or anything I promise. :]

crxss2215d ago

simply put, yes it does.

AWBrawler2214d ago

what retard disagrees? who the hell on N4G thinks phones provide a more complete experience? Are those Xbox fans hitting disagree because they lack a dedicated handheld?? explain this one to me, because I'm lost.

badz1492215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

what kind of stupid question is this?? who's asking? Tim Cook? or just some dumb Apple fans trying to justify iOS devices as dedicated gaming platforms? it's NOT!

RmanX10002215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I will never get the same satisfaction from an iOS device that i do when im playing a game on true handheld consoles. Whether you're a hardcore Vita fan or a hardcore 3DS fan, we can agree that they provide way better gaming experiences than iOS.

EmperorDalek2215d ago

In terms of a gaming experience yes but a "complete" experience no.

CommonSenseGamer2215d ago

So with all the disagrees there must be a few people out there that think gaming devices are better all round devices. So there is no need for a smart phone then, wow, the majority must have it all wrong.

Hicken2214d ago

A site called "game-rumble" has an article submitted to a site called "News 4 Gamers," and you and ALLWRONG(who is true to his name, as usual; I'll get to that in a second) are talking about phones.

The entire freaking article is about GAMING, and you two geniuses wanna talk about phones. The better "complete" experience can only be had on a dedicated gaming device, since that's the "experience" they're talking about.

Then again, I'm not surprised to hear you say that, since your main gripe with the Vita is that it isn't a smartphone.

@ALLWRONG: dunno about the 3DS, but the Vita has GPS and skype, which acts as a phone since you can, you know, call people on it. You got something else? Or are you gonna be all wrong like usual?

ALLWRONG2215d ago


let me know when I can make a call or use GPS on a 3DS or Vita when not playing games.

n4f2214d ago

yeah I know
well, you could call me when you have super mario or even some decent quality game on ios!!

DivineAssault 2215d ago

Hell ya! phone games are like minis.. phone games dont have buttons for precision.. Some are cool but not as good.. Phone game graphics are getting to 3DSs level tho..

Venox20082215d ago

graphics yes, but not deepness

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