Black Ops 2: Think you know Call of Duty multiplayer? Think again

Black Ops II is CoD's biggest multiplayer overhaul since Call of Duty 4. For the first time you'll be able to create a custom class entirely from scratch, play with six teams in one game, livestream games without expensive PC hardware, and even enter games as a commentator with a dedicated e-sports HUD.

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Breadcrab2371d ago

Yeah, we do think we know it. We've played an entry each year since 2007 that had the same basic multiplayer formula.

That said, I'm hopeful for BLOPS 2. Maybe it will freshen up the series like some people are saying.

r212371d ago

Im excited for this CoD title more than any other CoD titles before. Looks like they're putting alot of effort into it :D

Avernus2371d ago

as much as people hate on CoD (I'm not a huge fan personally) you have to admit, Treyarch raised the bar with what they implemented.

- the ability to stream without equipment

- 30 day leagues (great for clans)

- spectator mode

these are the things that raises the bar for console gaming, and makes the "competitive players" happy. They cater for casuals and the hardcore CoD players.

Props to Treyarch. Hopefully devs see this and raise their level too.

gatormatt802370d ago

Yeah, in a sense, its like the student has now become the teacher. And by that I mean it appears, to me at least, that Treyarch are now becoming the de facto Cod devs. The game has yet to release obviously, so that may still be premature. But in terms of evolving and pushing CoD forward, I believe Treyarch seem to be willing to take more chances, and are actually trying to create something different in a game that under IW's watch has relatively stayed the same since CoD4.

What really excites me abt this CoD is the fact that Treyarch are taking cues from the Battlefield series and actually encouraging and rewarding players that are playing to accomplish objectives. I always disliked playing with other players that only killed and didn't do the objective to the game. You still will have that with this I'm sure but now there's more incentive toplay as team and be tactical.

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