PlayStation Store For Mobiles All Set For October 3rd

Sony are ready to re-enter the mobile gaming market in a big way with its newly PlayStation branded Store for mobile phones and tablets. But what does this mean to you, the loyal gamer?

Beginning October 3rd, your Asus, HTC One or Sony branded mobile phone or tablet may be compatible with a new range of games built specifically for Sony’s updated platform via the PlayStation Store, which is set to rival that of Google’s Play Store. You can also expect full support for Sony’s other important platform, the PlayStation Vita.

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Fullmetalevolust2270d ago

I can't wait to see it on Vita, very curious to see what sort of games will be on the store. Whatever keeps me gaming on my vita, it's been great with the PS1 games and October is around the corner with quite a few games.

Qrphe2270d ago

Well this is excellent news! I've been waiting for this for months now!
Beyond the games, I've looking more into the applications developed by the community, whether Android ports or not.

rezzah2270d ago

Sounds interesting. I'd like to play some PS games on a tablet, but then again being limited to a screen only means the type of games played do not have diverse controls.

Not like you could play a MH game on there.

Have fun turning screens to steer vehicles?

If sony can implement the Vita's back touch screen to their other products then they can increase the play-ability of more games. They could even replicate the face of the DS onto tablet screen by "cutting" it in half. Both halves on each side of the screen. And the back touch pad can serve as R1, R2, L1, and L2; just like the vita when used to play BF3 except it was R2 and R3.

dark-hollow2270d ago

The whole idea of PlayStation mobile is Sony's take at the expanding mobile gaming.

its actually a pretty smart move, no matter how much anyone is hating ios/android gaming, they are a legit section of the gaming industry, and Sony knows this.

rezzah2270d ago

Their new tablet is said to play PS1 and PSP games.

It mentioned Crash 1 as an example.

Though this is nice I think I won't get into touch screen gaming seriously until they do something similar to what I mentioned above.

fei-hung2269d ago


Many Android tablets allow you to use the DS3 as a controller. I play Crash Bandicoot sometimes on the tablet with my DS3.

rezzah2269d ago

I've heard about that, but that isn't touch-screen gaming.

I'm referring to adapting similar Vita controls (such as the back touch screen) into a tablet.

Therefore you do not need something outside of the tablet itself to play complex games.

Skate-AK2270d ago

I hope this isn't the store re-design that has been being talked about.

Nickthedrummer2270d ago

The psvita needs a mail app....Just sayin

CommonSenseGamer2270d ago

Vita needs all the apps that have become the norm on mobile devices. Give people less of a reason to carry two devices and you're onto a winner.

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