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I’ve been aware of Tekken practically since its inception, but Tag Tournament 2 is my first actual brush with Tekken in any substantive way. Prior to that it had been brief playthroughs on arcade machines. Anyway, as the boxart for TTT2 loudly-proclaims, the Tekken series is the BEST-SELLING FIGHTING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME. It has a storied pedigree spanning nearly a dozen games and three (soon to be four) rather terrible movies. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hails from the line of Tekken spin-off games and is, as you might infer from the title, the follow up to the original 1999 arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament. The core gameplay feature of the Tag Tournament sub-series is of course the tag-in system, which allows you to create a team of two Tekken fighters and swap them in and out of combat at any time as you battle your way through other such two-person teams.

- Adam of Trendy Gamers

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TrendyGamers2220d ago

The Wii U version looks like a lot of fun.

Gran Touring2220d ago

and the 360/ps3 versions...?

TrendyGamers2219d ago

Of course, I was just saying how the Wii U version with the touch screen controls and Nintendo influence looks like it could be a lot of fun.