Pikmin 3: Why Miyamoto's Glorious HD Threequel Is Wii U's Most Unmissable Game

CVG writes: "There was something wonderfully perverse about Nintendo opening their E3 conference with Pikmin 3. At an event where increasingly disturbing violence was starting to make even hardened critics uneasy, the appearance of these little carrot dudes carrying fruit around felt like a riposte to all the gore. Why should HD be all about rendering realistic flesh wounds, when you can use that extra processing power for authentically textured satsuma skins?"

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claud32269d ago

Pikmin games were awesome and this one will be no different

AWBrawler2269d ago

do i really need a reason why? Does not the name alone say it. its Pikmin 3

legionsoup2269d ago

When I pre-ordered the Wii-U, I only pre-ordered 2 games with it. Mario and Pikmin 3. Can't wait!

Qrphe2269d ago

This should have been a launch game!!!! Oh well :(

ScubaSteve12269d ago

i wished it was captain olimar or louie but i guess we cant complain

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