Namco Bandai announces Macross 30

Namco Bandai is developing a new Macross game for unannounced platforms.

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Qrphe2307d ago

Probably another title that would never be localized. I REALLY hope this comes to either/both the PS3 or/and Vita so I can import it lol

Xof2307d ago

Well, Dimps has made two Frontier mini-games and an SDF mini-game, so all they really have to do is merge the three and they'd have a whole game for us.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Aw, hell: it would be AWESOME.

I'm hoping for a PS3 release. I'm hoping for a Vita release. I'm hoping against all hope for a PS3 and Vita release. It could go either way: Dimps has some experience using their Battle engine on the Vita, and a bit more on the PS3.

Of course, given the "luck" of Macross games, the worst could come to pass and it could be that someone other than Dimps is developing the game. For iOS. Ulgh.