The countdown to GDC and the games we want to see

So, this years Game Developers Conference is just around the corner beginning February 18th, and ending Feb 22nd, and these are the games we are hoping, no begging, to see!

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Kain814320d ago

2 Ico-Projekts
Epics PS3 exclusiv Projekt
Resistance 2
Bioware PS3 projekt
PS Home
Little Big Planet
God of War 3
Socom 4
White knight Story
Motorstorm 2
Heavy Rain
Heavenly Sword 2
and maybe more.
I hope there show some of this games on GDC


This would be more like a E3 there... GDC isn't the central for revelations as much as E3, still I would like to see most of those... But I really don't know there would be Epic project, more than one Ico project (what I read rumours is one PS3 and one PSN...), Bioware project...

And between so much projects, which I'm really interestes in learn more is R* PS3 project... I'm not that right about it being really Red Dead Revolver 2.

alster234320d ago

when did they announce a bioware project and epic exclusive project?

DEADEND4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I just hope they have some news on when Killzone 2 will be released whither it will be some time this year or will it be released in 2009, plus I hope they have new footage for Killzone 2 and a release date for Home.

PSWe604320d ago

Where are they having the GDC?

TheIneffableBob4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

San Francisco.
It costs around $195 to get in just to walk around and look at stuff. $750 and above to get access to things like the lectures and tutorials.

fenderputty4320d ago

RFOM 2, KZ2, Motorstorm 2, LBP, MGS4, GT5, Wardevil, Heavy Rain, ICO project, GOW3, FFXIII and anything else they can toss our way. Of course I want gameplay of each and I want them yesterday. Thank you.

Iamback4320d ago

This is GDC-Game Developers Conference, not E3 or TGS.

Bonsai12144320d ago

all i care about this time around is FFXIII, Versus, MGS4 and Team ICO project

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The story is too old to be commented.