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Nerd Array - Fair to say if you read my ‘Five Things Resident Evil 6 Needs...’ article you’d understand that I’m quite a fan of the series, and zombies, and blood and all the fun stuff that makes video games great. So imagine my delight when I recently got hands on with the Resident Evil 6 demo.

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OneAboveAll2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I think all RE games after Code V suck. I like the classic (Static) camera angles. The camera on the new games is terrible imo. Too close to the character. The controls are just clunky all around. When you try to walk you have to barely press forward on the stick other wise you end up running.

The cover system is also trash. Before the haters come in and knock my OPINION that's just it. It's my opinion so if you don't like it buzz off.

This game sucks. Release RE HD collection of the first 3 games.

LOGICWINS2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I actually enjoyed RE5. It wasn't as good as RE4, but I still enjoyed it. Didn't enjoy the RE6 demo though. They took the cinematic action WAAAAY too far in this one. I played through Leon's section, but not two minutes into Chris' section, I quit the game and deleted the demo. What a joke. Felt like a clunkier version of Gears of War.

And it could just be me, but the controls feel tight enough.

"Summarising what RE6 is all about is quite simple; imagine a very clunky Gears of War."

LMAO...EXACTLY what I thought as well.

LOGICWINS2220d ago

*controls DON'T feel tight enough

Winter47th2219d ago

I don't get it, they said the main reason they got rid of the static camera angle (Even though the backgrounds were freaking ART) was because of the tank controls, right now all the characters control like a fucking tank and the camera angle is HORRENDOUS!

jony_dols2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Resident Evil 2 sold 6.2 million copies on the PS1 alone! (And that's not including the sales of the PC, N64 & Dreamcast versions).

So why can't Capcom realize that old school RE sells, & that you don't have to become a generic GOW clone to hit big figures.

T-Virus zombies, restricted ammo supply & a scary atmosphere; 3 things that an RE game hasn't done since Code Veronica

Imalwaysright2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I agree with everything you guys said. RE6 is definetely the poor man GeOW. Even as an action TPS RE6 is a subpar game.

Perjoss2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I actually really enjoyed RE5 also, just a couple of things pissed me off, firstly I don't think they really needed to add that 2nd character Sheva to the single player story, it made the game a little less intense. And I really hated when the zombies started shooting back at me later in the game, that was ultra facepalm.

GuyThatPlaysGames2219d ago

@jony_dols and everyone else, if you like the old Resident Evil games, then just download the PS1 classics from the PS store and be done with it.

decrypt2219d ago

RIP capcom.

If people want to play GeOW then thats what they will do.

With RE we want a real horror game.

Perjoss2219d ago

"With RE we want a real horror game."

Dead Space, the first one at least, I didn't play 2 yet. Dead Space just feels and plays like how the newer RE games should. IMO.

UnwanteDreamz2219d ago


If you liked the first play the second. Its a decent sequel. More horror than RE5

Kevin ButIer2219d ago

RE2 was my first PS game... i loved that MF

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ape0072219d ago

Resi4 = best resi game ever and one of the best games ever. period

GrahamGolden2219d ago

res2 was the best sry to break it to ya donkey nap

Ak47Russia2219d ago

Resident Evil 1-2-3 an code veronika were the best.

Res 4 was not that scary and it wasn't that good.

ape0072218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

"resi 4 wasn't that good", LOOOOOOOOOL

geddesmond2219d ago

I loved RE4. As much as I really loved the original RE games, RE4 was a breath of fresh air for the series. Shinji wanted to try something new with the series and he succeeded.

However Crapcom should have stopped there and instead of progressing on Shinjis ideas they should have done a hybrid child between RE2 and RE4. Brought back the survival horror aspect with maze like levels and puzzles to solve while keeping the new aim system and loads of guns for the series.

They took a survival horror game that made fans into fans and turned it into a linear cover based third person shooter with a disorientating camera angle, made it possible to melle your way through the game by kicking zombies in half lol and F**ked the story up so much that the only thing recognizable is character names and the Umbrella corporation mentions.

T and G virus, Las praga virus, Uroboros virus and now a new virus. Whats next a virus that turns people into dinosaurs and characters from Dino Crisis make appearances in the game!!???

Blastoise2219d ago

" Whats next a virus that turns people into dinosaurs and characters from Dino Crisis make appearances in the game!!???"

Upcoming Dino DLC, only £15.99 pre-order now

King_many_layers2219d ago

Your second paragraph described RE Revelations on 3DS. It's a huge shame that Revelations is only on 3DS as it really is a much better game than 5 and 6 (based on the demo).

needing keys and cards, backtracking creepy areas and some tough bosses all mixed with some good second screen implementations.

I wish so much for it to go multiplatform so more could experience it.

cpayne932219d ago

@King_many_layers from what I've seen RE revelations is really a true resi game, and its one of the main reasons I want a 3ds. Sad that the handheld game got it better than the console one, and I really wish it was on Vita.

Knight_Crawler2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Have to agree, when I was playing the demo I felt like I was playing so many other different games but not RE.

I really wanted this game to succeed and go back to its roots because RE is part of my childhood memories but Capcom has took those memories and burned them.

I guess the saying great things do not last forever so enjoy them while you can is so true :(

Edit: Capcom can still get back some of there dignity if they HD remake RE 1,2 and 3 with the Frostbite 2.0 engine.

CDzNutts2219d ago

Sounds like you stated facts to me.

Old McGroin2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

@ OneAboveAll

I would advise you to actually play the original Resi games again, they're horribly dated now and not a good experience at all. Like everyone else who loved the original Resi games I see them with rose tinted glasses. That is until I bought Resi 1 on PSN. Christ it's horrible to play now!
I agree with your gripe that the camera is too close to the characters now and the controls are a bit clunky but the controls in the original games were a LOT more clunky so I don't see how the feel of the controls now would be a problem for you. Bit of a contradiction really.
Wish people would give Resi 6 a chance, so much hatred for a game which hasn't even been released to the public yet! I liked the demo but I wouldn't base my opinion of a 40 hour game on a 10 minute demo.
By the way, to everyone who gives out about the "zombies" shooting back, if you were actual fans of the series you would know that these enemies aren't zombies at all. In fact, no zombie in any Resi game has ever fired a gun of any kind. It's a common misconception by haters.

cpayne932219d ago

The only resi game I've played was 4 a few months back, which I loved. I haven't played any of the first three but I plan to. In my experience, we get so used to the smooth controls of today's games that when we play the late 90s games they feel clunky because we are used to games that don't take any time to get used to, but for a lot of these older games I feel like its more fun once you get accustomed to the way it plays.

When I first played mgs 1 I thought I wouldn't like it at first because of the controls, but after I got used to it it became my favorite game of all time. Not saying that will happen with resi, but sometimes you just have to give those old clunky controls a chance to grow on you.

Imalwaysright2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Its all a matter of opinion. Im replaying RE2 and im having just as much fun playing it as i had playing what imo are the best games of the current generation. Even today old RE games (inclunding RE4) have the ability to immerse me in them like very few games did this gen and that is why RE is one of my favorite franchises and that is why i dont like the direction Capcom is taking the series.

RE5 was a decent game and i enjoyed it for what it was but that RE6 demo was boring from start to finish. RE6 could be a decent action TPS but it isnt due to cluncky controls, piss poor camera, sloppy cover system, terrible A.I and playing with superhuman mutants on steroids that can breeze through the game karate kid style. Yes old RE games have tank controls but they work perfectly fine for what the games requires of them. RE6 on the other hand being an action TPS requires intuitive controls and a camera that doesnt get in the way. Capcom better have fixed those issues in the final build or RE6 wont just be a horrid RE game, it will also be a mediocre TPS.

Frodosmugins2219d ago

I couldnt agree more! the part about the camera..fwk yeah! When I put RE4,5,6 in to play I was thiking wtf.. why is the left side of my screen the blind spot.. I cant see anything..I really cant describe it so well but its really iritating not being able to see to my left at all..

Maybe i would want to play this non horror game if they just fixed the view..

Dark Souls got it spot on with the camera angles and even though thats not a horror game intended Iv had more frights than the last 3 RE games!

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DivineAssault 2220d ago

what happened to you capcom? I tried the demo & was terribly disappointed.. Everyone said that leons sections were the best yet even those sucked! A clunkier gears of war is what i was feeling.. Spamming kicks to enemies was a breeze if i ever ran out of the over abundant bullets.. If felt arcadey in many ways too.. I miss finding documents, keys, artifacts, etc to use on places i couldnt reach before.. Not stuff that was a room away.. Its BUTCHERED & this will be the 1st RE game i dont buy at launch.. Revelations (Jill sections only) was a much better game to me.. Demo was too

neogeo2220d ago

After careful consideration of the context to your comment and after further analyses.

We unfortunately are going to have to go with a Disagree and a minus 1-bub on this particular topic at hand.


_LarZen_2219d ago

Haters always comment, I am not one of them.

Realy enjoyed the game, and I am glad Capcom are using more time on the Pc version to make it as good as possible.

Maybe we will finally get a really good Pc version?

Knight_Crawler2219d ago

Why do people always say that.

Why would we hate on anything RE when we grew up on RE and is edged in our memories? If anything we want the RE franchise to succeed and a continue forever.

I wont go into the reasons why RE5 and 6 are so disappointing because everyone has there on judgement and I respect your...happy for you that you enjoy the game and hope you support the RE franchise as much as I did.

_LarZen_2219d ago

Because it's true? If you look at the comment section around there is 99% just trash talk.

People hating on this and that, if everyone that was happy had the same urge or reason to write the haters would not dominate the commenting places around.

I'm for one are sick of the haters, the same negative bla bla bla every time.

I wish more people that are pleased with games and other product's for that mater spoke more up in the commenting sections..

zeeshan2218d ago

Larzen, before you start sounding even more dumber than you appear, please, just stop talking!

GrahamGolden2219d ago

ye ye....and we all saw the res4-5 pc versions how "awesome they were"

worst port i ever saw this gen

phntom2219d ago

Stop being an asshole, nobody here is hating the game, most are only disappointed with the lack of commitment from Capcom in another of its franchises. People like you are just too immature to accept the numerous failures and bad decisions made ​​in the development your favorite franchise.

WheatBread2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Resident Evil Remake is the best game in the series.

nintendojunkie282219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I totally agree,love that game.