Halo 4 gives you ‘empowerment of player choice’, keeping open structure, says 343

Halo 4 developer 343 Industries has explained why it absolutely had to stick with the series’ history of giving players wide open areas and objectives with no set solution. It’s all in the name of empowering players.

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Acadius2216d ago

I remember when I used to say that if there was a Halo 4, I wouldn't care since Bungie wasn't involved. Now, I can't wait for this game. The story looks solid, the multiplayer looks improved (no respawn delays). The only thing I am hesitant of is the online community since lately any online game has a plethora of angry people of all ages. Yeah, I could just mute the team but I play objectively and communication is the key. Anyway, looking forward to this game.

Knight_Crawler2216d ago

You do not need to worry about that since Black Ops 2 will take 90% of the racists, spoiled, immature little kids on Xbox Live.

Remember that Halo 4 and Black Ops two will release in the same time frame.

FarCryLover1822216d ago

They're found everywhere though. I played some Halo 3 yesterday and wow the things the spewed through the mic.

m232216d ago

There are still respawn delays, just depends what gametype you're playing. Objective especially would not work without respawn delays.

Acadius2216d ago

In the video I watched recently, the game type of basically Domination had no delay when the player was killed. Nonetheless, thanks for the heads up.

Kalowest2216d ago

Damn, the in-game screen shoots look awesome, it looks way better than Reach.

ChunkyLover532216d ago

From everything I'm hearing and seeing, Halo 4 is looking like a fantastic game and 343 has some very talented people working on the franchise. You knew Microsoft would come through and only put the best people to work on their top property.

Say what you will, but Halo and Master Chief are the most important things Microsoft has, the Chief is to Microsoft what Mario is to Nintendo.

I absolutely cannot wait to play this game.