AMD Radeon HD 8970 and HD 8950 Sea Islands GPU Specifications Leaked

Various leaks of AMD’s upcoming Sea Islands GPUs have hit the web which include specifications of Radeon HD 8800 series GPUs and the successor to Sea Islands known as Volcanic Islands (Link). However there is still little known about the top end cards which fall under the HD 8900 series branding, but today thanks to a key source we have got the first details of the upcoming Venus based Radeon HD 8900 series graphics cards.

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ATi_Elite2216d ago

......and we inch ever so closer to Ray Tracing!

Still I would like to see AMD include more raster operation units but hey what do i know?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

We are close to quantum computing gpu's??

Nocturne1472215d ago

After 10 years: AMD Radeon Supercharged V-10 Ultra HD 20500 leaked.

ichdich2215d ago

when you think it will be released?

bumnut2214d ago

That was fast, glad I chose to skip a generation!