Why Is It So Hard To Make Great Superhero Games? | Cassidee takes a look at the troubled history of the superhero game and asks why it seems like a majority of them sink to mediocrity.

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NukaCola2219d ago

Superhero games generally follow an IP based structure that is preset to the character's world. Those games suffer the most, with one exception called Spiderman 2 The Movie Game.

However when a developer gets to play outside the box we get something unbelievable, like Arkham Asylum/City.

You can tell a big deal with Woverine. The character isn't like the movie, he is a more violent and gorefed character than anything we have seen on TV/Film. The Devs were going in the right directions, but the studio was forced to go as a movie IP game since the film released that year. The game would of been much more if it was not pushed in this direction.

Superman....I don't know if he can be saved. TBH

ATi_Elite2218d ago

Because with the Exception to ONLY Batman.......most super heroes SUCK and are only simple characters unlike the complexity of Batman and his villains.

Therefore the complexity of the Batman Universe makes for a good game unlike the crap from the other "Simple" Super heroes.

wanieldiik2219d ago

here's an idea, how about stop doing superhero games that's a stoopid movie tie-in.

smashcrashbash2218d ago

Try paying attention to what Sucker Punch did with Infamous besides Batman, Infamous felt more like a superhero game then any other did. The people who make Spiderman games should take notes.

Reverent2218d ago

I don't know who would be able to honestly disagree with you. The Infamous games are a perfect example of a Super Hero game done right.

Xof2218d ago

Because most Superhero concepts don't lend themselves well to games? There's a reason most are aimed at the ages 3-5 demographic.

And yes, I know: the comic-nerds will -hate- me for this.

Hicken2218d ago

What superhero games (or are you referring to the comics?) are aimed at 3-5 year-olds?