Exclusive The Wonderful 101 hands-on: Wii U capitalizes on great action gameplay

Here is a hands-on look at The Wonderful 101 and how it is going to play on the Wii U. The developers did a great job, once again, of utilizing the Gamepad in a very complimenary sort of way. Things are looking great for this console the more people get their hands on it.

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for we are many2308d ago

This game looks incredibly fun, I think it'll be equivalent to Blast Corps64 which was a launch window game for N64, made by RARE, published by Nintendo and was criminally underrated by some and considered a launch-window sleeper hit.

I feel that Platinum Games will be filling the void left by Rare's departure and I may go on as to anticipate a similar second party relationship with Nintendo not very far down the road if not already planned and done, which will benefit both companies and above all, gamers everywhere.

Moonman2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I totally agree. Loving this game so far. I recently read a Rare interview about how the key peole would have never left had they still been with Nintendo.

Hisiru2308d ago

This game looks REALLY fun, it's a shame some people aren't paying attention to it because it's a "niche genre".

I can't wait to see what are the other collaborations made by Nintendo.

PopRocks3592308d ago


That's what generally happens in this 'CoD-dominated' industry. And of course it's on a Nintendo console, so there has to be some bias against it.

ninjabake2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I'm actually liking the Wii U's exclusive line-up so far. They all seem to be videogames rather than interactive cinematic movie/games (nothing against those kinda games as I enjoy them as well, but I miss the essence of just simply having fun playing a game rather than racing to get to a cutscene). The Wonderful 101 looks like another one of those unique, fun experiences that I'm looking forward to.

ninjabake2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Double post.
My bad

stuntman_mike2307d ago

i hear that the bosses in this game get bigger and bigger. it's looking excellent i'll definitly pick this up at launch.

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