Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game Scheduled For December 4th At Retail

We recently outed the existence of The Walking Dead: The Game from Telltale Games coming to retail at some point this fall and the developers have outed the date we should expect it.

- Trendy Gamers

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TrendyGamers2313d ago

I can't wait for Episode 4!

HarryMasonHerpderp2313d ago

Same here, I hope they patch the bugs though episode 3 has been the worst so far for me.

TrendyGamers2313d ago

Same here. I've had lots of characters just disappear while I'm talking to them and the entire game world flipping upside down.

deep_fried_bum_cake2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Episode 3 was fine for me (besides duck going invisible for a while). Episode 2 was so laggy though.

Blastoise2312d ago

I had a lot of bugs too, was quite disappointing to be honest. Did you get the strange glitch where you could see under the world during the train journey?

TrendyGamers2312d ago

I did! And I also had Duck disappear during some important scenes

blue_cheese2313d ago

nice, ive been waiting for the retail version!

ChunkyLover532312d ago

Even though I've been buying the digital versions I'll buy a retail version as well, that way I will actually own the content. Having digital content always worries me, especially if its something I really, really like.

flightdown2312d ago

I love this game. Man if anything happens to Clementine i'm gonna be so mad. I got real pissed when a lovely character died in Ep 3! But its a great story decision.