Halo 4 UNSC and Covenant vehicle renders roll and fly in

XMNR: Along with the Covenant renders, 343 Industries also released renders Friday of some of the human UNSC vehicles and one of the Covenant vehicles that will be in Halo 4 for the Xbox 360.

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OhMyGandhi2216d ago

As a console gamer - I firmly believe that the warthog may be the best vehicle in an online game.

Summons752216d ago

Only if the driver is actually good at driving and dosen't flip the vehicle every two seconds or drives by enemies while the gunner is trying to shoot them.

C L O U D2216d ago

The Drive-by shootings are so tense...

blue_cheese2216d ago

nothings more satisfying than getting that triple kill by stickying a warthog though!

unchartedxplorer2216d ago

It is the best vehicle to drive. I would pay a billion (if I had a billion) for that vehicle.