New Guitar Hero II Song Announced

Kansas-Carry on Wayward Son will be in GHII, still not confirmed for 360 version, but one must assume these things nowadays.

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kmis875915d ago

I hope a ps3 version of GHII is announced for a 2007 release like the 360 one. If not, I guess I'll have to wait an entire year until GHIII comes to ps3.

babykud5915d ago

It said it was coming to all major platforms in 2007

kmis875914d ago

I know, but it didn't say when in 2007, and GHIII is tentatively scheduled for a Q4 2007 release. I have a feeling that a ps3 port of GHII is in the works though, and we'll probably see it in early 2007 like the 360 version. If it is coming for ps3 in the spring, I still don't know if I can hold out that long. At least if I get the ps2 version I can play on the ps3 anyways.