Theory: Could The Wii U Be Responsible For Nintendo Power‘s Closure?

“Quite a while ago, it was to the dismay of many gamers when it was announced that veteran monthly gaming publication Nintendo Power magazine was to see its final issue come year end, one of those many being me. Seeing that Nintendo Power is one of the longest-running publications known to the gaming world, having been published continuously starting from its initial form as the Nintendo Fun Club newsletter since the summer of 1988, it‘s pretty upsetting to see such a great magazine cease its prolonged existence. But among all the widespread grievance, a ton of confusion as to why the publication was to so suddenly disintegrate was also amassed...“

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claud32217d ago

what if it was.. Nothing can change what has happened

and then again Nintendo just felt like closing it

DivineAssault 2217d ago

It would be pretty effin cool to have a nintendo published digital magazine on the gamepad with easy access during wii u play.. Kinda like vitas comic app & other various media services.. Hmmm, interesting points.. Still, i have game informer digital & i dont like it but it would be a great addition to the nintendo network if they added a digital mag accessible through the gamepad & any other portable devices...

RFornillos42216d ago

it's possible. in japan, Nikkei's reported that 3DS will get an ebook service from Librica called Bookstore Anywhere, with the app launching on Oct. 20th with about 100 mangas to start with.

so it's not a farfetched idea if Nintendo decides to open eShop to similar digital content for the Wii U.

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The story is too old to be commented.