Is Microsoft a doomed dinosaur?

Rory Cellan-Jones:"There, I knew that would draw a crowd. In the maelstrom of comment and analysis that has followed Microsoft's bid for Yahoo, two extraordinary assumptions have been very common.Yahoo is in Microsoft's sights

First, that this is a make-or-break deal for Bill Gates' behemoth, second that it will fail anyway because Microsoft has been in inexorable decline ever since it failed to spot the arrival of the internet."

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KILLERAPP4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

MS is MS they will always be the same no mater if Bill is in charge or not if they can’t beat it they will buy

Iamback4326d ago

Yeah the most pointless article in long time but i had to submit it.
my description is very good if you can note some sarcasm in it.
"This is incredible article that discuss Microsoft bid for Yahoo, it mentions dinosaurs, meteorite and end of the world, yeah it is that good and you should read it.....if you have some time to waste."

decapitator4326d ago

You might wanna take a closer look at the company now since Billy G left or months leading to his departure. They are down at the moment but I know they are certainly not out because their pockets run deep.

eLiNeS4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

The Xbox 360 is going nowhere. Does not matter if Blu-Ray wins or the PofS3 has a better year this year. The Xbox 360 will still be right there where Fony and the Delay Station 3 wants to be but will never quite reach it. The Xbox 360 has 50+ HOT Games coming out in 2008 and more surprises to come. This is no hobby for M$, they mean business and thats good for all gamers around the world, Xbox, PS3 and Wii, competition is good!


The 360 will be a fossil in 1 or 2 years for another dinosaur the 720...and then another 2 years 1440 and then 2 years the 2880 . theyll be here till the numbers run out.. man i hate microsoft

cmrbe4326d ago

Keeps ticking MS will still be kicking.

Iamback4326d ago

and that is like....forever!

ravenguard884325d ago

People don't often put thought into exactly what it is a corporation does. Microsoft dabbles in many markets and in several of them they are near the top.

ravinash4325d ago

For all of MS's ups and downs at the moment, it still has windows and office which is its bread and butter.
So as long as MS has that larger part of the market, MS will be part of the news.

HuntTheWumpus4326d ago

The article is basically telling all the nasayers that MS isn't going anywhere and that despite all the doom and gloom headlines MS is making big bucks and is always on the hunt to expand.

Yes their products are buggy but I use them everyday.

4326d ago
creeping judas4326d ago

"What the hell are you mumbling?!!! Dude in article is talking about Microsoft as a company not gaming division.
You sound like paranoid fanboy dude. Microsoft going away? Lol thats like saying Nintendo is quitting video game industry."

did you even read HuntTheWumpus's comments??

wageslave4326d ago

"Yes their products are buggy but I use them everyday. "

There's an old saying, "Sure, MS's products suck, they just happen to suck the least"...

Remember it. People have been buying MS products in market segment after market segment for 25+ years.. and it aint because it sucks (the most :).

They happen to suck the least.

LJWooly4325d ago

I wouldn't say MS's products suck the least. Simply because something sells well, doesn't mean the product is better than the competition.
The main reason is that there are little available alternatives for people nowadays. Microsoft have a monopoly in a lot of different markets; this means that MS products are in the public eye far more, and therefore get all the attention.

Now, I respect what Microsoft have done for the computer industry, in making home PCs affordable, and the software too (of course, the software sucks, because it's Microsoft, but stil) but I think there are far better alternatives nowadays, that people don't pay enough attention to, which makes it very hard for anyone else to succeed. Microsoft can attribute a lot of its success to this.

Take a look at Vista, for example.

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OC Shock Value4326d ago

It seems that xbox and microsoft are being pissed on now days.. what do you guys think of this???

cmrbe4326d ago

Just like the PS. The media likes to tear down the top dog as it sells news. Look at Britney. Its like a circus now. Sad really.

ravenguard884325d ago

Everything has to be labeled a "War" because a "War" sells ads :P

I think Microsoft will do just fine. I think the Xbox 360 will do just fine. The idea that just because the PS3 sold a little better in a year (while maintaining it's painfully low attach rate) the 360 is going in the gutter is a bit absurd. A lot of people talk without thinking of the big picture.

Sure the PS3 beat the 360 in sales, but how many were purchased as dedicated Blu-Ray players? We will never know.

I'm also glad to see Microsoft learn from their mistakes, I find them to be a very respectable corporation that generally seems to care for it's customers and the consumers in general. But at the end of the day, they're still a money grubbing corporation :P

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