D.I.C.E. 08: Europe will be Xbox 360 battleground, says Kim

Europe will be a battleground for the Xbox 360 Microsoft studios' corporate VP Shane Kim said in a discussion at this year's D.I.C.E. Summit.

Kim answered a number of questions ranging from the loss of developers to the strength of the Nintendo Wii. While not characterizing Activision's acquisition of Blizzard as a missed opportunity, Kim did say it was a "big" opportunity that "would have been nice."

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celticlonewolf4326d ago

Is it me or does he seem one of the.....for no better word nicer people to interview I mean no huge bravado claims like most people have when interviewing about there company. I do agree eu is going to be the battle ground. MS better start advertising or teasing us with some of these games in the pipe line stuff to get the public buzzing just like sony is doing. Even without mgs4 or ff(which I think will hit us in the usa 2009 not 08 but sony will see huge profits for it realise in japan in 2008) they have killzone(even IF the game is only mediocre they have hyped it up loads and will sell some games how much depends on how good it is). RFOM 2 and many other first titles some in 2008 some in 2009 by doing this sony gives you reassurance of the futre. MS needs to do the same and have a strong presance in both gdc and e3 to show that they to along with third party have some real nice first party stuff.


Europe already was lost... In fact, if you go after GfK number since March you shall see that UK and Australia (I know, it's not EU, but it's "PAL Region") are the only ground for MS... In fact, they'll probably be back with america only before this year ends.

But for sure, I'm telling for as long as us all know... I don't know if MS can get some rabbits from their hats... But they'll need some big rabbits, more like huge ones.