F1 2012 Red Bull Bahrain International Circuit Gameplay

@VE3TRO: "In this video we take the Red Bull for a spin with Sebastian Vettel around the Bahrain International Circuit."

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ATi_Elite2314d ago

He should of never won this race! Gained a 2 second lead on the 5th lap when he was all over the Rumble Strips

Codemasters needs to fix the A.I.

....and while they do I'll be too busy playing Project Cars.

clus12313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

As he was not the quickest of drivers, he was playing it on pretty much the easiest setting, with no damage, no rules, traction control and easy AI. Have you even played the new game?! He would not have got passed his first corner crash if he was playing on simulation mode.

Ve3tro2313d ago

Damage was on, rules were also on and A.I was on medium.