Steam Greenlight's $100 Fee - Helpful or Bothersome?

GP writer Marcus Estrada examines whether Steam's $100 fee is really helping Greenlight in the long run.

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TheLiztress2216d ago

The idea is a step in the right direction, I reckon. However, I don't think the price is right. Some of the legit indie developers might not have the $100 for it.

onegirlgeek2216d ago

Yeah, I like the idea of trying to keep the trolls at bay, and it's actually cool that the money goes to charity, but $100 seems a bit much.

aliengmr2216d ago

100$ is a perfect price. Not too much, but not an amount you throw away on a joke.

Compared to the equipment, software, time, etc. a 100$ is not much if you are serious.

If you can't scrounge 100$ from somewhere then you probably have bigger problems. If you can buy a computer then you should be able to get 100$ together.

It will also help keep less serious devs and those who refuse to pay out of principle, thereby increasing visibility.

100$ is fine.