Kids racking up huge bills on mobile games

There is a call for urgent regulation of so-called "free" apps that end up costing parents hundreds of dollars on their iTunes accounts.

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Snookies122215d ago

Lol at the picture... Just another day eating noodles when he suddenly sees the bill on his phone... XD

Dovahkiin2215d ago

You know, typical Asian stuff.

Qrphe2215d ago

Hey Pozzle!
Is that Gackt on the picture?

3-4-52215d ago

Dumb parents.

buy your kid a $250.00 console and a couple $50 dollar games and don't worry about him for a few years. lol

I love it ! can't wait to hear more of this...ten people will realize what a joke these"games" really are.

It's such a dirty corporate scheme and millions are dumb enough to fall for it.

CommonSenseGamer2215d ago

Dumb parents. They allow their kids to sit around and just play games in their bedrooms nowadays. They wonder why so many kids are getting fat and lazy.

See, anyone can generalize to the point of absurdity.

Reverent2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Ugh... Double post*

What's with all the web-glitching lately N4G? I've noticed a ton of people having problems with double posts recently..

Reverent2215d ago

So, I downloaded a simple little mobile game... I played it a bit, but my character ran out of energy so I couldn't continue playing it unless I drank an energy potion. Let's see the price range of the Energy Potion bundles:

1 Energy Potion: $1
5 Energy Potions: $5
20 Energy Potions: $18
50 Energy Potions: $45
120 Energy Potions: $100

Seriously? Gunna charge *One Hundred* dollars for you to continue playing a sh*tty mobile game?

When a child is playing the game, not knowing the consequence for wasting their parents money on dumb crap like this, the blame can't be completely shifted on the parents. Sure, it's their fault for having their credit cards set up and letting their kid use their phone to play games, or however that situation can go about, but even so, they are only human... People forget or don't realize things until it's too late. That's not anyone's fault, it's a common human attribute.

All I can say is... F*CK greedy mobile developers and their half-assed games.

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