Gamespot: Dust 514 - PS3 exclusivity and hardcore level interview

GameSpot's Jonathan Toyad talks to the lead developers of the upcoming PS3 FPS about its console exclusivity, microtransaction plans, and e-sports potential.

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riellycooperr2242d ago

ok i love dust i just hope thay put more stuff in befor the open beta and i hope after my open beta i can kipe all my stuff after

Fragger2k82242d ago

You shouldn't get your hopes up. It's a beta, so you won't keep anything from it. Everything will be reset.

I'm not that big of a fan of Dust 514. Honestly, it's just alright. I don't really care for the deathmatch style gameplay that it has, where the matches don't last all that long. There's plenty of other games out there like that which are done better and are far more fun to play. The deathmatch style also just doesn't feel right for this game.

To me, the game seems like it should have been done in more of a style similar to Planetside (not exactly like it, but similar in ways), being a massive scale focused game, with each of these planets being one big map that both sides fight for, instead of "This team attacks this match, the other team defends" or "Run around and kill each other until the match is over".

It also really needed to be developed for the next gen Playstation, instead of coming out at the end of this gen to try to stretch out the consoles life a little longer. On paper, it might sound like a good move, but in reality, it's not at all. It will never have that many players because of this. Maybe once the game launches there will be some decent numbers, but a month or two after it will probably drop to less than half of that initial number. You also have to remember that there's also CoD, which everyone flocks to with every single release. Dust 514 is basically the same style of game, so it will most likely drop the number significantly, even though it will be a F2P game.

And sure, they MAY bring Dust 514 over to the next system (only if the game is seen as successful enough), but it wouldn't happen right away. You just know there would be a 6-12 month gap before it happened, and by then barely anybody will care because they have all of these new next gen titles to play. Why would they want to play a last gen title on their new powerful console? (This being the mindset of most people out there).

Even with it being on PS4, the game couldn't be changed to take advantage of the new hardware, except maybe things like higher res textures and anti-aliasing, because anything more would either mean that the the PS3 version would be taken down, or it would split the already-small player base, so the game will have to be updated based off of the limited PS3 hardware.

I don't know, I kind of think that they're basically developing a dying game, and it's not even out of beta. =\ It would have had a much better chance if it would have been developed strictly for the PS4, while still remaining a F2P game, and taken some ideas and a gameplay style from PlanetSide.

It will be interesting to see just how long the game stays alive, with more than 5,000 people playing at a time. I really don't think it will have anymore than that a year after the release, though.

HammadTheBeast2242d ago

Thing is, it was a better game about 2 builds ago. They stripped out all the good stuff in the E3 update, and are slowly adding in better, more refined elements. For example, the April build had a cool mode where there were attackers and defenders,it actually meant a lot to win and hack stuff, and teamwork was key in major chokepoint battles. Hopefully it returns.

kingPoS2242d ago

I used to enjoy Dust 514 but then I took a burst rate fire to the knee. (courtesy of Hyperion)

Dust 514 is a decent game, unfortunately it was dealt a blow from the Borderlands psn+ promotion.