Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX TGS Footage

Square Enix was spotted showing off some footage of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX during their TGS livestream.

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NukaCola2220d ago

Well that

*still getting it

KiRBY30002220d ago

the footage was great but i think the video was a bit too long.

princejb1342220d ago

i really want this game even though i feel like im getting ripped of by square again
i could imagine how square going to mess this up

year 1: kingdom hearts 1.5= kh1 + chain of memories
year 2:kingdom hearts 2.5 = kh2 + 358/2days
year 3 : kingdom hearts 2.9 = birth by sleep + kingdom hearts coded + dream drop distance
year 4: king hearts ultimate collection includes all kingdom hearts games on 1 disc
year tba: kingdom hearts 3

Summons752220d ago

Such excellent footage! lol

Eamon2220d ago

I agree. The footage was spectacular.

Blastoise2220d ago

The worst footage iv ever seen

Marcello2220d ago

Well at least there was something, we haven't shit of Final Fantasy X HD since it was announced last year :(

MobyRoyale2220d ago

My soul just left my body and was hovering above me, looking down at how dissatisfied that left me.

adorie2220d ago

Couldn't have put it any better.

Outside_ofthe_Box2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I just realized this game was exclusive to the PS3. I'm surprised SE still makes games exclusive, must be Nomura's doing and I'm still pissed that the remix doesn't include KH2 and the rest of the handheld titles.


I know that they are making a second one. That is why I'm pissed. Instead of putting them all on one disc, they decided to release it in parts to maximum profits from KH fans.

Summons752220d ago

That's what a second HD collection is for *wink wink*

DarkRenzokuken2220d ago

The second collection is called Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Re:Membrance~ It will contain KH2, BBS and Dream Drop Distance.

It was leaked as a rumor quite sometime back but seeming Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Re:Mix was announced it only makes Re:Membrance seem more likely~

The only part of that rumor that seems a mystery is the Wii U port but I guess only time will tell =D

r212220d ago

This is a good sign that KH3 will be a PS3 or PS4 exclusive :)

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The story is too old to be commented.