GameTap: Resistance 2 Q&A - Ted Price talks about the follow-up to Insomniac's first-person shooter

Giancarlo Varanini of GameTap writes: You may already know that Insomniac is working on a sequel to its PlayStation 3 launch game, Resistance: Fall of Man, but what you probably don't know is just how much of an undertaking the sequel is for the studio. The team isn't looking to make a few subtle improvements over features introduced in the original game or just continue protagonist Nathan Hale's story from the end of the first game. Rather, they're introducing a whole new suite of features, including 60-player online play, as well as an eight-player cooperative campaign that has a separate storyline from the main single-player campaign. We had a chance to speak with Insomniac founder and CEO, Ted Price, about these features and what it's been like to take on a project of this size. A sample of the interview:

GameTap: For the huge fans of Resistance, what would you tell them to be most excited about in Resistance 2?

Ted Price: Man, everything. I could go down a laundry list of all of the features we've already announced. But that's kind of redundant.

So if I wasn't involved in the development of the game, I think what would excite me most is finding out more about Hale, about the origin of the Chimera, about what the hell is going on in the world. I'd want a story that felt fresh with new twists, that was heavily intertwined with the gameplay and that sucked me even further into the Resistance universe. Plus I'd want nastier and smarter enemies, new weapons to play with, and lots of gameplay that isn't standard first-person fare. And I'd want an absolutely killer multiplayer experience.

Well, that's all included. And it's just the beginning.

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mighty_douche4320d ago

Brand New posted today & and its R2! *approve*

mighty_douche4320d ago


Actually a good read! Cheers Cyrus!

marinelife94320d ago

Great read. It doesn't look like their just aiming to build off of what was done before. It looks like they are trying to push the envelope with what they can do with every new game.

I found it interesting that Price notes that only their own technology and techniques are holding them back.

hazeblaze4320d ago

Agreed, this was an excellent read! You get the feeling that they are not only looking to push the envelope when it comes to the Resisntance franchise, but of the fps genre in general! This is slowly building up to be my most anticipated title of the year... which it will be after I've been able to get my hands on MGS4 :-)

Lifendz4320d ago

that I'm not even worried about Killzone flopping. I know Insomniac knows what it's doing. Resistance got me through the game drought. I can't wait to see what they do on the PS3 having had time to master the hardware. Take notes EA, this is how it's done.

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THC CELL4320d ago

Great read

now the date of release

Mattearl4320d ago

Good read! Looks like Resistance 2 is on its way to dominate. period.

I'm looking forward to it!

zambrota4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

That RESISTANCE 2 wont dominate 2008

i just fear that KZ2 and R2 dont kill off each other in 2008 in sales.

I expect each to sell between 6m --10m copies worldwide in 2008

staub914320d ago

This is going to be an amazing year. But I agree I hope the games dont kill themselves off. Heres my list of FPS I will by day one.

1. Resistance 2
2. Killzone 2
3. Haze

games4fun4320d ago

besides 60player online and 8plyer coop is vehicles just put some awesome air and ground vehicles in the game and it'll be complete

hazeblaze4320d ago

They have already confirmed that vehicles will play a bigger part this time around... they also confirmed that the Chimera will attack from the air, but I'm not sure if that translates into some arial combat for us as well! That would be awesome!

hazeblaze4320d ago

They only said that vehicles will play a bigger role this time... I'm hoping that means multiplayer but it's hard to be sure until they release more details. Although, with 60 player online, I kind of think that vehicles would have to be involved on some scale.

PSWe604320d ago

60 player online battles,
8 player co-op
damn it all, I want this game TODAY!
I dare anyone to prove that there's going to be a more engadging online game than Resistance 2 on Wii or X-Box.

fenderputty4320d ago

to do that. This doesn't need to turn into a flame. Let us just be happy that Resistance 2 is going to kick soooooo much arss.

zambrota4320d ago

champ your comment is a little fanboyish BUT VERY MUCH TRUE.

I dont see anything on any other CONSOLE rivalling or even challenging R2

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