Eight Minecraft PC texture packs we demand on Xbox 360

OXM - For fans of an artform that has the Latin word for "to see" in the title, gamers can be pretty gosh-darned snooty about visuals. Time and time again during our daily conquest of the internet, we come across condescending asides like "gameplay beats graphics" - as though "graphics" were some sort of disposable food wrapper, rather than a skin without which the game's internal organs would spill all over the carpet.

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ATi_Elite2244d ago

LoL Never gonna get them!

maybe a Halo Texture pak for $15 if your lucky!

decrypt2244d ago

You didnt have to crush their hopes so badly lol.

user98412882243d ago

You should have got it on PC... it's not like you need a good one to run it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Have you been in a huge world in minecraft? I can get choppy.

R_A_LEE202243d ago

I think Sphax BD Craft is a definite must for the 360 version, it's quite a popular one and its been used by most of the Yogscast atm.

XB1_PS42243d ago

Hell yeah Sphax BD Craft should be in there! I thought for sure it would make this list. That's the only texture pack I use, because it has a finished tekkit texture pack.