We Almost Got A Left 4 Dead Expansion Based On Cabin In The Woods

Kotaku - Eagle-eyed gamers watching the tricksy horror flick Cabin In The Woods might have noticed a cool shout-out to Valve's Left 4 Dead in a sequence in the third act of the movie.

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r212217d ago

YES restart this whole project! CITW in L4D would be awesome as hell!

WeskerChildReborned2217d ago

Awesome, i love the movie Cabin in the Woods, i watched it just a few days ago.

vortis2217d ago

*spoiler alert* Sawhead would be a worthy opponent.

ghostman1232217d ago

His actual name (according to both the credits and IMDB) is Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain and he's a total Pinhead knockoff, but an awesome one.

vortis2217d ago

Yeah it was funny how instead of the cube it was a sphere.

Once he started messing with it in the basement I was like "Whoa, is there gonna be a Pinhead homage in here somewhere?" And Whedon did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, the best part about the movie were all the awesome homages and the chaos-party at the very end.

ghostman1232217d ago

*Whedon and Goddard did not disappoint.

I like Whedon, I'm a fan of all his shows (even Dollhouse) but he's getting far too much of the credit for this movie. He co-wrote it with Drew Goddard who directed the movie. It was more Goddard's film than Whedon's, he just helped a little on the script but even that wasn't all him. This is as much Joss Whedon's movie as Toy Story is.

Big_Mex2217d ago

Hopefully now that left 4 dead 2 is getting steam works someone can help make this possible!

Allsystemgamer2217d ago


I'm literally crying now :D

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