DICE: Was 2007 Xbox 360's Peak?

Kris Graft of Next-Gen Writes: In a one-on-one interview between Microsoft Game Studios VP Kim and New York Times reporter Seth Schiesel during the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, Schiesel pointed out how Xbox 360's 2008 software lineup pales in comparison to a year that saw BioShock, Mass Effect, Halo 3, The Orange Box and other heavy hitters.

The 2008 games lineup just doesn't seem as "stacked" as last year, Schiesel said.

"I think the pipeline is very stacked. You just don't know about it," Kim laughed coyly.

Is Microsoft losing control of its gaming library?

"It is a very fluid industry," said Shane. "…When these things happen in rapid succession, we can't control the actions of other publishers."

While that's true, how could Microsoft let go of Bungie, which was a wholly-owned internal studio?

"You had a group of enormously talented and creative individuals. ... The bottom line was that they wanted to return to their independent roots. … [The split] was in our best interest [too].

But there will be stiff competition from the white-hot Wii and a PlayStation 3 that is gaining momentum.

"I'd say that the generation still has a long way to go. It's way too early to declare a winner here. We still have tremendous momentum here," said Kim.

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shotputking4321d ago

2007 couldn't be the 360's peak, with the insane lineup for this year... 2007 was the peak for the 360, and the entire industry as well, for shooters though. i don't think any genre will have quite the year this year that shooters enjoyed last year.

mikeslemonade4321d ago

You don't make sense you just contradicted yourself.

2007 was 360's peak in terms of games because it's clear that they invested a lot of money in Gears of War and Halo 3 to try increase the install base. After 2007 they hope to gain more 3rd party support due to the larger install base. However the larger install base is mainly in the U.S. and much of that is the core gamer that likes shooters. They did not succeed in expanding in Europe and in Japan and the casual audience. And because of that there won't be many games like lost odyssey, blue dragon, and viva piniata to hit the 360.

power of Green 4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

The stradigy could work *get everybody to downplay the 360* in 2008 and hammer the industry with their announcments of plans and content.

That could be more profound then the gradual hyping and boasting of a lineup thats been hyped sence before the actual console was on the market.

We know theres games comming, we know theres games being developed and thats because we've seen them. MSFT not talking about them or even convincing devs not to talk about their work is obviously a tactic that has their competition taking advantage of the seemingly lack of lineup due to the only people knowing about it are Xbox web surfers.

The 360 will have some monster titles comming out this year that are being written off because of ignorance or malice.

wageslave4321d ago

N4G doesnt reflect the industry. Proper news sites know that MS isnt just going to up and quit in 2008.

We just dont know what they are going to ship. We just havent been seeing any press about these games because they havent announced dates and such.

The marketing of a game is a finicky think, and as I said below, why would you waste your time talking up your games in January? The big retail period is over, you've just gotten through December.

Actually _selling_ the game to the press in January doesnt make much sense when if its not coming for many months.

meepmoopmeep4321d ago

i'm quite curious to what's presented at GDC and E3

Excalibur4321d ago

The 360 will do great again this year.

JVIDICAN4321d ago

and the ps3 outsold it last year =P

FirstknighT4321d ago

The ps3 outsold it by a million but the 360 destroyed it in software sales. Just more proof that the ps3 is sold as a bluray player first. :p

Cyrus3654321d ago

That's true, obviously you can't say last year was your best year, even if it is true or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.