ShopTo sees 'highest pre-orders for a console' in their history, thanks to Wii U

Go Nintendo writes: We've already heard some stats on ShopTo's Wii U preorder numbers, but it seems like the consumer reaction was even bigger than we expected!


Mod Note: While we're happy to see get good pre-order numbers, it should be noted that this isn't saying too much considering launched in 2006. Meaning that this is not that accurate of a comparison considering they were just starting after the 360's release and in the year of the PS3 and Wii's release.

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Moonman2221d ago

But don't tell that to Miku-Mika and whoever agrees with them on here....

dark-hollow2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

lol NES fanboys in denial.
nobody want to buy 6 years old tech with gimmicky tablet thingy. they are intentionally decreasing the amount of manufactured WII U to create hype.

people would wait for True Real Extreme XXX Super Ultimate Turbo N.E.X.T gen consoles and wont buy this piece of crap.

Moonman2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Or maybe they are just delusional or maybe can't afford multiple consoles. Or...fanboys themselves.

dark-hollow2221d ago

i think your sarcasm meter is busted.

Moonman2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

My patience with those two was tapped out. I apologize and edited out the "you's" to be more in general of gamers who think like that. Every Nintendo article they swarm in. I bet they don't even care about the playstation articles. If their goal is to turn off the last Nintendo fans who actually care about playstation, it's working...

nintendojunkie282221d ago

That was truly funny and so accurate.That last bit really got

I know exactly how you feel.I'm personally just going to ignore them from now on.My suggestion would be that everyone else do the same.

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Carl_Shocker2221d ago

Bit of an immature thing to you really want to stoop down to their level

Be the better man...or user....whatever

hiredhelp2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

To response of the UPDATE........... WTF do you have any marketing skills sir
The company is a booming company soo much so that its started to take trade away from , This is heause of there excelent customer care and site managmentthey deal with hundreds orders a day FACT.

As for comparison theyve been in buisness long enough To start making comments on how much they have sold and whats sold well.
Learn more about the company first please thankyou fedup dudes knocking nintendo wii U when not actually realesed and most of us has never had hands on.
If you have a XBOX and happy fine if you have a PS3 thats cool if you own both great but dont knock what you dont know yet.

DivineAssault 2221d ago

Good news for em.. Wii sold the most this gen too.. I really need to get a few & put em on amazon or ebay if the sales continue to grow

claud32221d ago

Well it is what it is

attilayavuzer2221d ago

Shopto was also founded during the current generation of consoles...

DivineAssault 2221d ago

seriously?? Whats the point of this article then? wow, PR i tell u

live2play2221d ago

you say that like 'gaemrz' of today actually care about anything before this generation

most dont know/dont care about anything before ps3 xbox

YoungPlex2221d ago

The point is to shut non-believers up, claiming that the only reason the Wii U is selling out is due to limited quantities, which is true to a point to evenly distribute to all distributors across the nation! Which if I recall correctly, you were one of the major people asking how many were available. Now your asking what's the point? lmao!

It's great that people are supporting it, despite some of the ridiculous misconceptions about it. Looks like Nintendo has a winner on their hands. Lets just hope that they keep their word on maintaining the core audience... So far so good!

live2play2221d ago

''hardcorz gaemrz'' (not hardcore gamers) were also created during this generation of consoles

Lex Luthor2221d ago

I really wish they made an online pokemon game,