THQ Montreal's Unannounced Game will be powered by Unreal Engine and will feature melee combat

DSOGaming writes: "It's pretty unclear whether this game is targeted at current or next generation platforms. Even if this unannounced title is planned for release on current generation consoles and PC, though, we do know that THQ Montreal will be also working on next-generation games."

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attilayavuzer2221d ago

Oh okay so it could be any game from the last 5 years

0pie2221d ago

OH SHIT!!!!! this game will revolutionize everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
unreal engine + melee combat = game of the year

i cant wait!

DivineAssault 2221d ago

Didnt MK use Unreal 3? Which unreal engine are they using i wonder? 3 or 4?

modesign2221d ago

THQ is broke no suprise they have to use a cheap 3rd party engine.

DeadlyFire2221d ago

I was thinking WWE 2014 until I saw prior fps experience. This more or less means Homefront 3 will be worked on at THQ for next generation systems.

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