Project CARS - New 'The Bavarian Beasts' Community Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Following Halcyon's example, WMD's member 'JonZ' has released a new community trailer for Slightly Mad Studios racer, Project CARS."

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ATi_Elite2244d ago

"Project CARS is currently planned for a March 2013 release on PC, X360, PS3 and WiiU. Enjoy!"

.......but currently playable for the PC RIGHT NOW!

jimbobwahey2244d ago

I plan on buying this for console rather than PC but I really wish they were holding back it's release for the PS4/Xbox720 instead of current gen consoles.

The PS3/360/WiiU obviously won't be able to handle the physics engine, dynamic weather/time of day and huge amount of cars on the track, let alone do so while rendering the game at 1080p and maintaining a rock solid 60fps framerate.

I'm dreading to think how the console versions of this will turn out :(

Tyrone_Biggums2244d ago

Remember kids its not safe to do drugs when driving. Just park to the side of the road first.

SKUD2244d ago

Very nice. Level of polish is high.

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