After OnLive: Here’s why Nvidia believes cloud gaming is just getting started

After cloud gaming leader OnLive ran out of money in August, the future of cloud gaming became, er, cloudy. Rival cloud gaming service Gaikai had sold itself to Sony for $380 million, but OnLive’s failure to gain enough consumers to offset the costs of its cloud infrastructure raised questions about whether cloud technology was economical for games. Cloud gaming let a user play a high-end game on a low-end PC simply by logging into OnLive, which executed games in web-connected data centers that computed the game and sent images to the user’s machine in real time. OnLive launched in 2010, but too few subscribers materialized. Surrounded by free-to-play games, OnLive tried to sell consumers on instant access to the cloud and the capability to log in from any machine.

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VanguardOfCalamity2219d ago

I especially liked this idea:

the idea that if you have a high-end gaming PC in your home, you could actually stream it to screens around the home yourself. So it’s both data-center-based and local home-server-based.

Jadedz2219d ago

Though if internet providers stay stagnant (monthly bandwidth caps, etc.), then it'll be a waste of time, for me anyway.

CommonSenseGamer2219d ago

If it works I love the idea but it has so many obstacles to overcome before its a reality for most of us.

ChunkyLover532219d ago

I don't agree at all with this, first of all, Onlive flopped and I don't know a single person who uses or used the service.

From what I've read, the compression and picture quality of games on the service is pretty lackluster. Secondly, more and more ISP's are implementing bandwidth caps in order to help fight piracy, for the longest time I didn't have one, now I have a 150 gig a month service, and streaming counts directly against that. I get pretty close to that each month with just a little Netflix and the couple Arcade/digital titles that I may pick up.

I honestly don't think six years from now that we'll be at a digital only impasse.

urwifeminder2219d ago

Screw nvidia stop spamming my pc games with self promotion makes me hurll.