Turok - HDMI Comparison by GameTrailers

GameTrailers let the dinos out on HDMI.

PS3: Full RGB
Xbox 360: Expanded Blacks

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LiquifiedArt3999d ago

Your comparing Mutliplat Games. Thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard of. All the darn assets are IDENTICAL. i mean get real. The only Hangups at the beginning was because the PS3 hardware was brand spankin new. Now they will always be the same.

Jandre023999d ago

I love my PS3 and my 360 collects dust. But in this video the 360 version does look better, in terms of colors. The PS3 is miles better than the 360 IMO, but these comparisons just show the one thing the 360 does right, and thats rich colors.

Sure your hardware might fail, and games will be on multiple discs, and you wont be able to hear anything over the loud vacuum sound, but it does seem that the PS3, when put side to side with the 360 has deeper colors.
Now...if you didn't see it side to side, the PS3 version still looks beautiful.

LightningPS33999d ago

especially at first the PS3 version looks really white and faded.

So what? I'm still a PS3 fan and Turok still sucks.

Blademask3999d ago

I would sell my PS3 today if ANY game played like that. I have the turok demo, it looks NOTHING like that. Its like damn near a white screen.

Why do the guys on Neogaf post colorful pictures that arent' touched up YET gametrailers can constantly post whitescreen PS3 "captures" that they claimed they couldn't do 3 weeks ago.

zambrota3999d ago

no need for ARGUEMENT there since the DEVS said that too

The DEVS ran into some problems with PS3 version's development

A SECRET ;- TUROK was also planned to be canned by the DEVS at some stage since they were having problems coding for the PS3 version. The DEVS didnt do it since a lot of money was invested in porting it from X360 and so they rather decided to release the game in the inferior state

GAMETRAILERS ps3 comparisons are always GIMPED.

However TUROK is better on x360 just like Burnout being better on ps3 with faster FR(60 vs 40). no need for flamebait

LightningPS33999d ago

it's just 360 fanboys always trying to bank off any lazy developers who make bad PS3 ports.

The best PS3 so far in my opinion is Uncharted and that game looks amazing.

JsonHenry3999d ago

In this comparison the differences were minor, with the 360 version having slightly (and I mean slightly) less visible jaggies on screen. But then again this game sucks so who cares? The fact the game sucks is not going to change because of what platform you buy it on.

gamesR4fun3999d ago

I have a hd tv hdmi and all that and the demo looks nothing like that washed out... I always use the full rbg and extra white thing too and even on my cutom display settings (brightness is pretty high)_ it looks a lot darker than that...

kinda like wtf that just aint right... anyone with a ps3 and a decent capture card put up a real sample so these fools can see I speak the truth.
Unfortunetly our 360 doesnt have hdmi out or Id check out that version for myself just to make sure they didnt mix them...

kewlkat0073999d ago

Why is the PS3 still washed out?

I might get this game when it is cheaper, I still think the dinosaur concept is sweet.

You wanted the PS3 on "juice" comparisons well there it go..

Tempist3999d ago

From what I noticed, the PS3 didn't have the best cut-scene (the contrast/ brightness was messed up on it.) but the main part of the game was darker or the colours where richer. It was really noticeable in the characters faces. There's a distinction there.

P.S. I've typically scene these comparisons on a calibrated CRT monitor for graphics design / screen to print. I probably have an advantage over the typical computer user.


The video are gimped, I can say just looking at it that this isn't full RGB, or they just turned up the bright and down the contrast, cause you see as the same textures are just colored different (do you expect they to do twice the same texture for a multiplat game? kidding me, right?) and as the shrubs almost disappear on the dark hill, blurring everything (no contrast).

But I agree with Zambrota, this is the game that is worse on PS3 too... Nothing to really care about, the game isn't anywhere near a tech top (COD4 is, and PS3 version is better) and is just plain bad random FPS crap.

What I would like to see is a comparison from Assassin's Creed in 360 full-specs and PS3 full-specs. That is a open well-lightened game, there the difference shall be huge. And don't come to me with that "standard is what comes in the box, it's fair" cause if so, PS3 would be in 480i (fair?) and we would have to down the 360 version to it just to realize that is the same game (fair?)... The fair is to fallow how the devs produced the game. If they colored it with the HDMI in mind, this is the way the game is meant to be played, so this "standard" BS means nothing.

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Shadowmania3999d ago

i think that the games are just the same

mintaro3999d ago

wow.....the ps3 version looks really washed out, especailly with full rgb.
i hope thats not how it really looks

zambrota3999d ago

i will agree with GT here

READ my comments above

zambrota3999d ago

The devs confirmed that since they ran into problems coding for the PS3.

With proper coding any game can be made to run better on the MORE POWERFUL PS3. no denying that

eg Burnout looking much better on PS3 and running at 60 fps rather than 40 fps on x360

DMC4 looking much cleaner on PS3,having no Screen tearing and also having MORE SATURATED COLOURS on PS3 in comparison to the x360 version

wageslave3999d ago

A) The two machines are roughtly equal in horsepower. Any other view is wishfull thinking.

B) It costs more money and more work to get a simple title like this to perform on the PS3 equal to the

Evidence? THIS VIDEO.


Even in the "gamerzone",

I'm sick and tired of this site and its cry baby Sony apologists trying to deny WHAT IS CLEAR AS DAY AND HAS BEEN REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

We've heard developers tell us this.
We've seen the games over and over prove it.

But, on N4G, I keep hearing "oh, the devs are lazy!" and "Oh, the PS3 is soooo powerful" and "oh, who cares, the game isnt good anyway" when it is clearly NOT THE CASE.

Is there NO limit to the amount of bullshait this site can spew?

N4G needs to get some serious moderation help.

CrazzyMan3999d ago

x360 is 2 years on the market.
ps3 is only one year on the market.

PS3 has:
best graphics in action third person shooter.
best graphics in 3D platform game.
best graphics in racing game.

soon it will be:
best graphics in JRPG game.
best graphics in FPS game.
best graphics in Anime game.

and many other genres.
even lair had amazing graphics, but that game was RUSHED, that`s why it ended bad.
Does x360 has something better after 2 years?