More Smash Bros Brawl characters

According to LiveWii, a French gaming site, the director of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii revealed on Japanese radio that there will be three more new characters for the game - Cel-Shaded Link, Ridley and Bowser Jr. Further, it is apparent that the Ice Climbers, Mr Game & Watch and Young Link will disappear from the series.

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RealDoubleJ5485d ago

cel-shaded link will probably play exactly like young link but dang, i liked playing as Mr. Game and Watch. Gave me that old school feeling as I smacked a hammer upside mario's head.

Qofthedead5485d ago (Edited 5485d ago )

Cel shading...on Link,hmmm sounds like a cool plan, I mean that dragon ball Z game with cel shading looked pretty sleek.Also Im actually quite pleased to see Mr.Game and Watch gone. His level in Melee was just plain terrible and playing with him made me want to fall asleep.