"Project Eternity is a game for us and the Fans" - Radio Interview Feargus Urquhart, CEO Obsidian

Pure Sophistry was very fortunate to talk to Feargus Urquhart- CEO of Obsidian Entertainment on their new Kickstarter Game- "Project Eternity" Feargus answers the tough questions and provides amazing insight into the video game industry:

Here's an Except: "If we listened to everyone Project Eternity would be a Japanese turn-based dating sim with insect people."

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PureSophistry2218d ago

Must see for Obsidian fans

Qrphe2217d ago

Must see for classic PC RPG fans and the like I'd say!

2217d ago
mobijoker2217d ago

I hope this reaches the level of Mask of the Betrayer.....Obsidian's greatest feat IMO.....